lørdag, mai 13, 2006

I'm scrapbooking again - 2 good news, 1 bad

It's been a long time since I last updatet my blog. I've been travelling even more, now only in Norway. But I'm back in the habit (if I've ever been before) of journaling, scrapbooing and blogging! I only hope it lasts.

I developed pictures. Finally, it's more than one and a half year since last time. Last night I spent six hours scrapbooking. I made to layouts...today I made one. It helped getting some new paper and accessories. I really love my new foam stamps, and my chalk ink and distress ink. They're on every page! I also found an old stamp set in my office, the kind they used to stamp adresses and bank account numbers, where you can pick the letters and digits you want. Takes long time, but it's so fun to use. I wished I could share some of the pages here...

Some ideas for scrapbook backgrounds:
Guess where this was taken!

When I went with Jay and Susie to Missouri Botanical Garden, some of the pictures turned out a little strange. They kinda looked more like a scrapbook page, than the pictures that are supposed to be on the page. So, I thought I would share some of my ideas with you.
When I was in Arizona, I set a goal for myself of taking 5 pictures every day. It really helped me remember taking photographs. The bad news is that my charger to my camera broke down, so I cannot take pictures right now. I really need to fix it soon. This last week I spent in Oslo, and it was beautiful summer weather, nice people and a lot of experiences. Today I wanted to take pictures of our volunteer work for our camp site, washing the rooms and carrying waste from the forest. Then we burned some old furniture not sold on the second hand marked. That made me think of memories from when I was a child, and I had some great ideas for a scrapbook page... to bad my camera doesn't work.

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  1. I like yor picture goals. And those photos you took are awesome. Are you still scrapbooking? Here's a blog you might enjoy:
    And I sent you an email too. Miss you!