fredag, august 08, 2008

Bug report...

I am used to bugs in my programs. And people are bugging me at work (in a nice way).

But I have had enough of real bugs - insects - everywhere.

Mosquitoes (in Norway) is irritating, but I survive. I grew up on a farm and is well used to flies. And I probably eaten more raspberry worms than I like to know ("They have only eaten raspberrys all their life - it's practically raspberry with a little protein.").

But here I get bitten by something if I swim in the lake.
There are plenty of insects in the kitchen - especially someone that likes my flour.
I found a little insect in my dirty clothes.
And last night I had to kill a spider-like creature waking on the wall 10 cm above my bed...

Too much in one day. I think I'll leave out the pictures.

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