fredag, juli 11, 2008

Man gdl


gdl – General Daily Life


gdl [wu time] [-sw] [bf] [-rt] [M1] [wk] [-cf] [dn dinner] [-sh] [-pb] [-et snacks] [www] [sl]


The purpose of gdl is to document daily life of the writer of this blog This may be most interesting for the writer, but in case any readers is interested, this function is provided. And also to check if any cs-people do read this blog.


All the options and command line argumets are processed in sequential order. One process may be interrupted by a new process.

  • wu Wake up. Not optional, but time is flexible between 07.00 and 08.30, 07.00 being preferred. Sometimes interrupted by more sleep. It is strongly recommended to include some reading from the Bible, for example Psalsm.

  • sw Shower. Provide option when needed.

  • bf Eat breakfast and make food to eat later at work.

  • rt If option, run the fastest you can to following argument.

  • M1 Take the metro to the EPFL

  • wk Work. May include following options:

    • ld Debug using LED lights. Also called xmas lights. The small lights on the board sometimes gives me useful information.

    • wt Wait.

    • et See the et entry. Options include bread, water, fruit and chocolate.

    • www Check mail or news, or read manuals, mailing list, wikipedia and search for information.

    • as Read and write assembler.

    • clr Compile, load and run executables.

    • pg Program

  • cf Optional coffee break right before 10 am.

  • wk

  • dn dinner Eat dinner. Dinner is one of 4 options from the cafeteria.

  • cw Solve the crossword. Is combined with cf.
  • wk

  • M1

  • sh Optionally shop food on the way home.

  • pb Optionally check mail box.
  • et snacks snacks can be whatever found at home: fruit, sherbet, bread and cookies being some of the options.

  • dw Wash the dishes. Depends on mood and if anybody else is at home.
  • www Reading bloglines, mail and news. Checking if anyone is on Skype.

  • sl Go to sleep. Hopefully when it starts to get dark.


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