torsdag, juli 03, 2008

An escape up in the mountains

Last weekend I tried to escape the heat. First a couple of hours on an air-conditioned train, then up in the mountains. I took the cable car up to Eggishorn (2926 moh), almost to the summit.

The top was in the middle of a cloud (as tops usually is), and chilly. Nice!

This view made an inpression. The glacier in the back ground is the longest glacier in the Alps. You can see how the glacier used to be much bigger. I think it is a sad view.

The trail to the very top was narrow and steep, and my equipment was not the best, so I decided to head down instead. My fear of height did get a challenge, though.

I spent the time walking, enjoying the nice, fresh air, taking my time, thinking, listening to the bells from animals grazing.

I also got the opportunity to enjoy beautiful flowers. Mountain flowers may not have the largest flowers, but compared with their total size they are quite impressive.

The village, Fiesch, was also nice. It had narrow streets, bridges and stone walls. There were twochurches, one in the very center with the grave yard surrounding one part, narrow and elevated above street level. The river ran hastily and fought against the walls protecting the village. And there were flowers almost everywhere.

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