tirsdag, juli 08, 2008

What should I be when I grow up?

I was the flower girl when I grew up. In second grade I knew the botanical names of all the flowers around our farm, also the different varieties of each type of flower. I wonder who taught me that - maybe my grandmother/farmor. I spent a lot of time looking in floras. But I never understood the way to look up flowers, using the number of seed leaves and so on. I still love flowers, as you might understand from some of the post here.

I do love to make food. I need my ingredients to make bread, cookies or dinner to feel comfortable. Right now the I have scones in the oven. But I guess I will get the chance to make lots of food for my family some time in the future.

I do have a passion for books. The last year I've borrowed 50 different books at the local library and read most of them. One the best things by living in the house I lived last year, was that it was only 400 steps away from this library. I've worked at a library. So why don't I study that?

There are something about trains, and buses and travel. I can almost start crying when I see the whole system of transportation working together. Maybe it's from the quite extensive bus trip to school the first years of my life, or the (very exciting) train trips visiting my cousins in the summer. (Vestfold - Trøndelag - without any grown-ups, but with changes of train and bus.) Or maybe looking at the trains passing by my grandparents (mormor and morfar). The picture is of what was always in my pockets as a teenager - a traintable and the freedom to go to Tønsberg or Drammen "on my own". With ten kilometers to the train station and no buses, it was to the absolute freedom. Now I can go 'anywhere' in Europe by my self, whenever I want. I love that. So why don't I study logistics? Or start working with trains?

Foreign people, foreign languages, maps... I guess it originated from all the mission lectures on camps when I was little. I still know more about the geography of many African countries than knew about Sweden two years ago. I love listening to Ut i verden and I love reading travel literature. So why do I not study anything related to that?

And scrapbooking, cardmaking, drawing. I go so into a project, I forget to eat or sleep. I don't do so much of it now, though. But I'm looking for facinating patterns, cool buildings or fonts or art... definitively a part of me.

I'm surprised of how what I enjoyed when I was younger, I still enjoy today.

- But what about computers, what you study, math? I enjoyed math in school because I mastered it. It was fun to understand what was going on, at the same time it was exciting competing with other good students in my class. And I did mess with the Macintosh we had at home. And taking a computer class as an elective in 9th grade, changing boards and cables on old 286 computers... Computer science is useful, I probably get a job afterwards. It's challenging and sometimes frustrating. And I will fit into my family that seems to become all engineers or something science related.

Would I be more happy doing something else?
Will I be working with computers when I finish my education?
Should I do something else?
Will all be better moving to more high level computer science?
How will God use me?

I would probably not be here right now if I had chosen something else to study.

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