onsdag, juni 18, 2008

Baking again?

Paul (one of those who lives the same apartment) asked me this today. Maybe not so strange - I bake something as often as he eats frozen pizza. I have made rolls twice, pizza, scones and rolls again today... I need something to eat - and this is as close as I get making bread. Store-bought bread doesn't count...

I and Beke made pizza on Saturday, she had never had corned beef on pizza before. It is really nice to live with her. She is an exchange student from Germany, and have been to high school in Canada, so we have something to talk about. She has adapter for electricity, knows where to buy stuff, knows about being new here and always has something to help me. In the evening I was really tired. I forgot to take out the rolls. The oven turned off automatically, but the buns were hard...

I made scones yesterday.

And today I made more rolls. Should last some days now.

And European Soccer Championship: This is what happens when France looses. Not after the last match, but the one before that.

I am better. I take some medicine for my cough and it helps. It does taste good to, except for it being medicine.

Next post migth be in Norwegian.

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